GREATPERUTOURS Tour operator in Peru, perform small and large group tours, tailoring trips with a variety of alternative tours and different activities to suit the requirements of every traveler.
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Dear Customers


Our travel agency consists of a professional team highly trained in the different areas of local and national tourism. We strive constantly to improve our services and are ready to provide you with personalized advice to make sure that all details will be taken care of  and to make sure you will enjoy your trip to Peru to the most.


Reservations must be made well in advance. We recommend that you make your reservations at least 50 days prior to your intended arrival date. This way, it will be possible to make all local travel, hotel and other needed reservation on time so you can enjoy your stay in our country to the most. Reservations request will be accepted once we get them on writing wither by fax or through our web site.


Thanks for choosing us and trusting us.with your trip to Peru.




Your reservation shall be confirmed upon receipt of a minimum deposit. You pay (50%) OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT BY PASSENGER. The amount due shall be paid 30 days PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL. Reservations made AFTER DEADLINE SHALL BE PAID AT 100%.


Total deposit required to reserve the Inca trail (US$200.00 per person) Trek deposit is non-refundable.


Grand total Trek deposit is to be paid by before you arrival to Cusco (to buy your trek permits on time).


Please check that all of the above details are correct.




All rates are expressed in US Dollars and in Peruvian soles and are subject to changes without prior notice. Rate is expressed by passenger, unless it is specified otherwise and they include all applicable legal taxes.




Refunds requests must be sent in writing, including all relevant information so that they may be attended immediately.


  • If an annulment is received within 25 days prior to the arrival dated to
  • Peru or in the beginning of the service, travel deposit shall be entirely refunded deducting administrative expenses.
  • -If annulment is received within 24-16 days prior to the arrival date or at the beginning of the service, refund shall be subject to a penalty of 50% of the price.
  • No refund shall be granted if annulment is received less than 15 days prior to the arrival date or beginning of the service.
  • If a last-minute sale is made and then its reimbursement is requested, penalty applied will be 100% of the price.
  • Passengers’ no-show will result in total loss of the service without right of being refunded.
  • Likewise, there will be no right of being refunded if annulment or withdrawal of services is made during the travel.
  • Some services may be interrupted or annulled due to weather conditions, by force majeure, disturbances, etc. or other reasons beyond control of hotels, airlines. In this case, no reimbursement shall be made as a result of these interruptions or annulments beyond our control.




  1. GREAT PERU TOURS is not responsible for if the client does not fulfill the indications made by TC or if he/she decides to leave the group and decides to continue on his/her own.
  2. GREAT PERU TOURS reserves the right to accept, deny or retain any person or member of the group in any of its travels.


Our Company is not responsible for diseases, pregnancy or physical or mental impediments which may put in danger passenger or third party’s health or integrity to render our tourism services. Therefore, the Company SHALL NOT acknowledge any claim or refund whatsoever for the reasons above mentioned, including those cases in which in normal conditions no problem is expressed.


Thus, we request to be informed prior to hire our services about the existence of any limitation of that kind in order to recommend specific services which contemplate the existing impediments.