Inti Raymi 2017. 5 reasons to travel to Cusco and see the Inti Raymi
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inti raymi 2017

5 reasons to travel to Cusco and see the Inti Raymi

5 reasons to travel to Cusco and see the Inti Raymi

Without a doubt, Cusco is the most visited city of Peru. It receives the year thousands of tourists that come very excited to know this wonderful city. Cusco has many customs, colorful festivities, delicious gastronomy, various archaeological destinations, among other things. Next, we have made a short list with 5 reasons to visit Cusco.

You can witness one of the most important festivities


Inti Raymi 2017. The festival of the sun or Inti Raymi, is celebrated every June 24. This religious rite is still maintained in many villages in the Andes. It is made a representation of the ceremony that was done in honor of the sun. Many tourists and settlers are the main spectators of this great ceremony. This is considered the most important celebration.

You will know one of the seven wonders of the world


As you know, in Cusco is Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world. In which you can explore its impressive architecture and discover what remains of the great Inca empire. The landscape that can be seen from one of the viewpoints is really impressive, you will feel very small to be in front of this great citadel. The sunsets are a spectacle. Without a doubt, you should not miss visiting Machu Picchu on your trip to Peru.

You will be delighted with the best of the gastronomy of the Peruvian Andes


The gastronomy of this city is very varied. Each dish is prepared with ingredients from the same area. Mainly for the Peruvian potato and corn. Generally, when the tourists arrive at this city, they feel the discomforts of altitude sickness or better known as soroche. In these cases, the villagers offer tourists coca mate, which is an infusion prepared with the leaves of this plant. The mate of coca has curative properties that alleviate all these discomforts.


Inside the typical dishes you can try the popular cuy chatcado, chicharrón with mote, caldo de mote, the famous humitas, tamales, corn with cheese, adobo, olluco with meat, among other dishes. Inside the drinks, apart from the mate of coca, you can taste the famous chicha de jora, which is made from fermented corn.

You will be able to carry out various activities


In Cusco you will have the opportunity to do various adventure sports such as paragliding, ecotourism, rafting, trekking, experiential tourism, cultural tourism, among other activities. Also, you will find discos, bars, restaurants, luxury hotels and more places. In many of the restaurants, a beautiful show with the best of folklore is offered.

You will have the opportunity to make the famous Inca Trail


One of the ways to reach Machu Picchu is through the famous Inca Trail. This tour consists of 3 days of trekking or hiking around Machu Picchu, until reaching this great citadel. You will have the opportunity to camp and to know other beautiful places that surround this great citadel. This is definitely a great experience for all adventurous tourists.

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