INTI RAYMI or Inca sun feast, was the most important religious ceremony of the Inca Empire in honor of the sun god.
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Departure date: 24 June 2017


PRICE: US$ 200


Included: All Transfers, Official Tour Guide (English and Spanish speaking guide), Entrance Fees to the Ceremony and Box Lunch


Starting & finishing point: Cusco hotel.


General Children
Orange  Zone USD $ 200 USD $ 135
Blue Zone USD $ 200 USD $ 135
Green Zone USD $ 160 USD $ 115


INTI RAYMI or Inca sun feast, was the most important religious ceremony of the Inca Empire in honor of the sun god (INTI – SUN), Inti Raymi is celebrated in the shortest day of the year in terms of the time between sunrise and sunset (Winter solstice). At Inti Raymi the Inca, the priests and all the people pay homage to the sun god.


The Feast of the Sun was the most important feast in time of the Incas. It was celebrated every shortest day of the year with occasion of the beginning of the year, which we considered now the winter solstice. The religious importance, festival ceremonial, social and politics were such that the party was extended in the whole Tahuantinsuyo.


After the Spanish conquest in 1532, the Catholic Church suppressed the ceremony and the Andean society that used to celebrate this festivity to the sun was dismembered, since that the celebration of the catholic saint san James. The Inti Raymi was forgotten then, until half of the XX century when, as expression of a great movement of revaluation of the native culture in Peru, was returned to the scene. In 1944 a group of intellectuals and artists from Cusco headed by Cusco Historian Humberto Vidal Unda decided to recover the Inti Raymi of the History and to present it as a show of theatrical type, dedicated to the whole population of Cusco; From then on, it has been represented every year, getting rich and evolving for the historical investigation.


Several reasons compelled the Inca civilization to make sacrifices and offerings to their king star the sun. One of them was that the Inca, as well as Cusqueñan nobility, were considered to be natural children of the Sun. To him they owed their existence, for which recognition was due with sacrifices and offerings. On the other hand, if the corn harvest was good in the last agricultural year, it was necessary to be thankful, and if the harvest was poor, it was necessary to request that it be compensated with a better one the following year. Finally, in June (winter solstice) as the Sun moved away and temperatures dropped, at dawns water froze, therefore it was necessary to request that the Sun return, that after twilight it should not continue advancing towards the north.


The origins of Cusco get lost in the night of times. Archaeological excavations made us know that primitive residents inhabited the valley of Cusco near three millenniums ago. Toward the XII century, Manco Capac and his sister-wife Mama Ocllo emerged from the waters of the Lake Titicaca, semi Gods daughter and son of Inti (the god Sun), with the mission of the foundation of a new Kingdom that would improve the conditions of life of the towns. Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo would have to walk until finding a place in the earth where the great gold stick that Manco Capac had would submerge, they walked to the north and they arrived to Paqharec Tampu (Pacaritambo) where rested in a small cave; to the dawn they continued to the north arriving to the hill Huanacaure and there the scepter submerged, and there he founded the city of Cusco.




(Am) Flight Lima/Cusco.


Upon arrival to Cusco, reception by our staff and transport to your hotel (Coca tea courtesy).


The rest of the morning is free to rest and get acclimatize to the altitude.


In the afternoon, around 13:30hrs we will pick you up and will take you on a city tour of Cusco; we are going to visit the Imperial City, living example of the mixture of the Andean and Spanish cultures.


We start our trip visiting the cathedral, the Temple of the Sun or Qoriqancha, actually Santo Domingo Convent a place that housed inside one of the most important religious centers of the Inca period and ancient Inca palace and main worship center of the Sun God. Going on with the tour, the tour moved to the outskirts of the city to the magnificent Sacsayhuaman (head of Puma), which domains the city, built strategically on a hill overlooking Cusco; famous for its enormous carved stones joined with astounding precision to form the outer walls. Some of these stones stand over 9m/3oft.tall and weight over 128 tons; just 200 meters from Sacsayhuaman is our next destination Qenqo (ceremonial site) religious center dedicated to the worship earth and funerary rituals. Puca Pucara (the red fortress) that was use as a center for military use and control, as well as a place to stop for the travelers from the Inca period.


Our ultimate destination located just 100 meters from Puca Pucara. Tambomachay (temple of water) was use as a center of worship of water.


When we finish the tour, we are going to come back to Cusco.

At your arrival to Cusco city, we will meet and transfer to your selected hotel.






  • Hotel Transfer.
  • City tour.
  • Touristic transportation for the tour.
  • Admission ticket.
  • Professional speaking guide (English/Spanish).
  • Personal assistance.
  • 1 bottle of water.




  • FLIGHTS: International or Domestic air tickets.
  • Accommodations.
  • Airport taxes and tips for the staff.
  • Meal: Lunch and dinner, beverages not specified in the itinerary, you must consider a budget of US$10 to US$20 for each meal.
  • Personal care items.
  • Other services not specified in the program.




  • Prices with hotel accommodation based in double occupancy.
  • For Machu Picchu tour, on your arrival to Cusco, we will give you a pre-travel talk (briefing) of the city and of the tour in your hotel; the time will be confirmed on your arrival.




For Cusco, you will need to wear light shoes or slippers or tennis, mineral water one liter (drink plenty of fluids in excursions), rain gear or poncho (plastic long poncho in the rainy season, can  purchase in Cusco), warm jacket or fleece and wind coot, t-shirts, shorts or long pants, sun hat and wool hat, sun block, garbage bag, camera, extra film and extra batteries for your camera, snacks, chocolates, energy bars, a light backpack, Carry currency in small denominations dollars or soles, Sunglasses, plastic bags, Medicine if you use.


For the city tour, we require a Prepayment (50%) of the total. The deposit can be send by a WESTERN UNION or to our BANK ACCOUNT money transfer. This is the fastest and most secure form of payment in Peru. Once you arrive in Cusco you must pay the remaining balance in cash prior to beginning your tour. We accept both US Dollars and Peruvian Soles (local currency).


NOTE: We can assist you to purchase your flight tickets from Lima to Cusco.


We are happy to customize your trip. You may combine the existing packages with your desires to create your perfect itinerary. Alternatively, complete the form below with your requests, giving us as much detail as possible and we will provide a tailor made itinerary.